• Basin mixer tap chrome

Product characteristics

  • superior finish
  • 5-year guarantee

  • super finish
  • 5 jaar garantie

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Preview with 3D

This Aquazuro tap is for sale in the Netherlands at Praxis and other shops. Praxis has developed a “3D app” for the iPhone and iPad because it is often difficult to envision how a new tap would look in your bathroom or kitchen. A “3D-marker” has been developed for six different Aquazuro taps. Follow the steps below and it is easy to see how one of these six taps will look in your own bathroom or kitchen.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Obtain one or more “3D markers” from the Praxis shop or download a “3D marker” here.
  2. Download the Praxis app on your phone or tablet. You can view the Aquazuro taps with this app.
  3. Open the app and click on “3D”.
  4. Place the marker on the location where you want to install a tap.
  5. Step back approximately 1 metre from the marker and view the results on the screen from all angles.

Available in the App store